Envision the cloud differently
Entrez dans le cloud avec RE-ENTER
Deployment Specialists
We size, build and deploy resilient scalable platforms. We work on large scale e-commerce sites built with Oracle Commerce Platform and with the three major Application servers (JBOSS, Oracle Weblogic and IBM Websphere).
E-commerce experts
We have been working on Oracle Commerce for years. These projects involved the B2C solution and other back end products such as ATG Web Commerce Customer Service or Oracle Commerce Merchandising. Our role is to help you deploy your e-commerce applications.
Automation and Configuration
Our engineers help you automate your server configuration using Opscode's Chef or Ansible depending on your infrastructure complexity. The use of Docker also enables us to deploy your applications quickly on any environment.
We work the DevOps way and we can assist you on all your project phases. Be it the integration phase or the production phase. We understand code, database, system deployment and the expectations of each team. Our role is to help you build robust systems by providing your team with a transversal support.
Why should you choose our team ?
Innovate with efficient solutions
Your plaform may become obsolete or inadequate with time. We assess the portability of your applications to newer Open Source technologies. Open Source means reduced cost but not reduced quality. You can now deploy robust and enterprise class solutions thanks to open sourced projects from big companies.
A constantly improving expertise
Our engineers work on high trafic e-commerce sites built on top of Oracle Commerce. We know how to address and resolve performance issues and how to prevent them as much as possible by building the right architecture. Our team is in constant search of excellence. They have learnt from every use case they worked on.
A polyvalent team
We work on all the technical stack of a N-tier architecture. Too often, expertise means a restrained field of action that the expert does not want to leave. We encourage a larger approach to our team in order to help our clients tackle any issue which might jeopardize their project success. We help on code, web servers, databases, cache softwares, configuration management and much more.