Voyez le cloud autrement


by Vina Rakotondrainibe

Welcome to my blog. I will post here things that I find important about RE-ENTER and my overall activity. I will do this in English as I know that some of my followers are English speaking people. For now there is no comment feature as I want to keep my site as simple as possible. As you might have noticed, it is a static site built automatically anytime I want to release a new content. This is the reason why I do not have the comment feature but please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss about contents I post here. Details on how to do so are visible in the footer of each site page.

As a general rule, public and open source code I work(ed) on will be published on my GitHub account. Please feel free to fork and reuse these contents. Be aware that these materials are provided as is and are not guaranteed to be free of bug. People willing to help or develop furthermore my personal work are more than welcome. I am a man of collaboration and I am more than interested if you have interesting thoughts about things we can do together. We all have a lot of ideas but we might lack time to think of them thoroughly and as time passes by, we forget to explore interesting leads and features we could have implemented. So yes, tell me what you would find interesesting and do not hesitate to ask your questions through Twitter or LnkedIn.


Vina Rakotondrainibe
Founder of RE-ENTER SAS