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ATG dyn/admin chrome module

by Vina Rakotondrainibe | Oracle Commerce Expert and Cloud Deployment Specialist
Paris area,

I have written a simple chrome plugin to help me perform daily development tasks on the ATG web console. For now the plugin is in development mode and is not packaged nor available officially on the Chrome web store. If you want to know how to use a chrome plugin which is still in development mode (i.e. in an exploded state versus archive mode), please visit this page:

The plugin accepts keyboard shortcuts (yes I love shortcuts and use them extensively on my Linux box for my daily tasks) to perform the following tasks:

  • Alt+g on any ATG service to toggle debug on. Alt+Shift+g to toggle it off.
  • Alt+I on a repository page to invalidate the entire repository cache
  • A syntax helper for repository XML queries. You can start typing a query and the plugin will make suggestion to you whether it is a <print-item> <add-item> or <remove-item>. Once you have selected your statement, you can use the Tab key to hop from one param to another in order to fill the blank in. This is not perfect for now but it allows you to gain some time when you have to query your repositories several times a day.

I use Twitter's Typeahead along with BloodHound to suggest the statements. This was the most obvious and quickest way to achieve this feature. Basically, I am doing this on my free time and had to go fast and be pragmatic.

The project is built using Yeoman's tools and the generator-chrome-extension generator as I wanted to have pre-configured build tasks using grunt in order to package the module.

The plugin's Github page is here I think it should not be very complicated to port this to Firefox as it is a simple web page script but for now I have no plans to do so, I mainly use chrome for development as I find it is fast and provides debugging tools that suits me.

I will update this blog page anytime I add new features in the code so stay tuned. I hope you will feed me with feature requests or even help me bring this forward in order to build something useful for all of us.